Celebrating success!

It’s the time of year when, as Personal Tutors, the English team invite their students to come and discuss their academic progress, offer advice on how to improve assignments and encourage students’ dreams for the future.  So it was with great delight, when I was popping to the Cheltenham Everyman theatre with a group of students recently, that the review I read about Absence of War was by one of my own former tutees, Alice Lloyd.

Alice achieved her 2.1 in English Literature in 2013 offering a lovely dissertation on John Milton’s Paradise Lost. Bearing in mind Milton’s firm belief in freedom of speech and expression, it seemed perfectly natural for Alice to continue her studies with an MA in Journalism at the University of Gloucestershire for which she was awarded a Merit in 2014.

Now, Alice is Editorial Assistant at So Glos, the leading online guide to Gloucestershire Arts. Alice’s passion for the Arts was evident as a student when she volunteered at the Parabola Arts Centre and I remember Alice making lots of lively contributions to the Stages of Drama strand. So, for all our students pondering their futures, the most important thing is to aim high and follow your dreams! Here is Alice’s review, courtesy of So Glos, and I’ll certainly be looking out for further recommendations. To read the full review please click on the link below.

‘Sharply satirical and tackling topical issues, The Headlong Theatre Company breathed new life into David Hare’s The Absence of War at the Everyman Theatre.

With a growing sense of apathy, cynicism and general angst sweeping the nation in regards to current politics, as well as the media build-up surrounding the 2015 general election, David Hare’s The Absence of War has never been more topical.

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