Degree Plus Internship: Editing a Renaissance Play

I’m delighted to announce that three students have just begun their Degree Plus Internship: ‘Editing a Renaissance Play for a Twenty-First-Century Audience’.

The successful candidates are Hannah Lickiss, a final year English Literature student; Abigail Penny, a second year English Literature and Creative Writing student; and Chloe Phillips, a final year English Literature and English Language student.

Our student editors have just finished reading James Shirley’s The Young Admiral in the original 1637 quarto edition (see below).

Now, they are absorbing the complex set of editorial guidelines which are used by scholars who are working on the Complete Works of James Shirley, to be published by Oxford University Press in 2016.
The next step will be to transform their chosen scene into a modern textual edition, aimed at the intelligent undergraduate, and underpinned by best-practice editing principles. 
By the end of this internship our editors will have a unique glimpse into the world of textual editing.
So, do look out for their posts over the next few months as they have promised to report on their editing odyssey!

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