‘Show Me the Money’: Chawton House Library celebrates Jane Austen on the Banknote with a Public Lecture and Exhibition

Chawton House Library, a leading study centre in Hampshire for early English women’s writing (and once the home of Jane Austen’s brother Edward), is hosting a two-day event (19-20 September) to celebrate the Bank of England’s decision to feature Jane Austen on the £10 banknote and which also coincides with the arrival in Hampshire of the national touring exhibition, Show Me the Money: The Image of Finance, 1700 to the Present. The event, organised with the University of Southampton and other partners, explores the history and role of money in people’s lives and the exhibition on display at Chawton House Library will focus on the critical but often overlooked role women have played in telling the story of contemporary finance.
The feminist activist Caroline Criado-Perez, who fought to keep a woman on the £10 banknote, will give a public lecture on Friday 19 September to support the event. In Show Me the Money: The Image of Finance at Chawton House, Ms Criado-Perez will talk about the role of women and money in contemporary political culture, and why Jane Austen on the £10 bank note really does matter.
The lecture begins two days of workshops on the theme of The Image of Finance.  Cultural historians and theorists will join with curators from the British Museum and British Library to discuss and debate the material forms of money and to ask: what does money really stand for?
Attendance at the lecture and private exhibition viewing is free but booking is required. Visit Eventbrite at http://tinyurl.com/0fqwdj9 or call Chawton House Library on 01420 541010. Places at the workshops can be booked also, but these events are not free.

Chawton House Library website: http://www.chawtonhouse.org/

Image courtesy of Chawton House Library.


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