Report on Internship

In the 2012-2013 academic year, Declan McDowell-Naylor, a third year student in English Language, completed a Degree Plus internship in the School of Humanities. Declan worked with English Language staff to investigate the new area of Communication for Leadership, which the English Language course will be offering from September 2014. Declan both surveyed linguistics research into leadership communication, and conducted focus groups to discover which aspects students were most interested in learning about. The results of his research have helped staff prepare an innovative new module around both the latest research and student interests. After graduating, Declan went on to postgraduate study at the University of London. He writes that “I really appreciated the degree plus internship at the time and have come to appreciate it even more now. At the time I was keen to pursue an academic career and now that I am applying for a PhD the experience and skills gained during the internship have really helped. Conducting research, attending staff meetings and speaking to other students about their studies helped ground me in this area I wanted to work in, and gave me a chance to see what a professional career might involve. The School of Humanities was really engaged the whole way and let me make the most of the internship.”

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