The (Dis) United Kingdom: Symposium

Centre for Writing, Place, and History


The (Dis) United Kingdom –

Historical & Literary Perspectives on Devolution

Wednesday May 2nd, 2012

1.00-6.00 pm – TC 103 Park Campus, Cheltenham

The Centre for Writing, Place and History is holding a half day symposium to bring historical and literary perspectives to the debates on devolution, separation, and nationalism. The event will consist of two lectures followed by questions and discussion and a final plenary. The lectures will be:

‘Between States: Scotland, the UK and the Prospect of Independence’

Dr. Catriona Mac Donald (Reader in Late Modern Scottish History, University of Glasgow)

‘A language is a dialect with an army and a navy – contemporary Scottish poetry and the language question’

Professor Simon Dentith (Head of Department at the Department of English Language
and Literature, University of Reading)

Please note that refreshments will be provided. To book a place or for further details, contact Prof. Neil Wynn – – 01242 714697 – School of Humanities, University of Gloucestershire.

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