Printed books: so much more for your money

Books, like food, are essential. That is why they are not taxed. Not so ebooks; VAT at the usual 20% is charged because the government defines them as software, not printed matter. That may change if angry ereader customers get their way.

Wait, there’s more. Today’s Observer reports that certain ebook publishers, such as the one named after legendary female warriors, seek to limit the amount and type of annotations one can make on e-texts, and reserve the right to withdraw the book you’ve bought. We are free to read and buy books – why would we submit to this form of censorship, I wonder? I feel a new post coming on…..

Meanwhile the publishers must do whatever they can to scare up some sales. The recent Penguin edition of H.P. Lovecraft’s The Call of Cthulhu and Other Tales boasts a 3D cover and comes with free glasses to see it with.

Fearful symmetry.

What’s new in the publishing world?  Have you come across any curious gimmicks or in-store displays – or republished books packaged anew? Post a comment.

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